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The complete solar - energy audit is a very difficult procedure which requires resources for financing the team and the equipment. Besides, technological time is also necessary so that real data can be gathered for the different seasons so that the condition of the future project can be analysed using different indexes. In order to make it easier for our clients in SUNLIGHT and NATURE ELEMENTS, we have developed a system for organization of auditing which allows financing at stages and coordination of every process stage in order to decrease the risk for both parties.

The first phase is the compulsory phase for all investment projects in the field of photovoltaic systems - the preliminary analysis of the energy potential. The main task of the analysis is to measure the solar radiation of the place and the collected data to be compared with the available statistic data for the region. In this way, the values of the solar radiation of different photovoltaic elements that are of electrical importance are identified. The following is compulsory:

  • Auditing and zone separation of the place in the region according to the general selective evaluation of the solar radiation;
  • Regarding the definition of the selective evaluation of the direct and diffuse solar radiation of horizontal and inclined surfaces;
  • Evaluation of the temperature influence of air and wind on the effectiveness of photovoltaic;
  • Optimal inclined surfaces for maximum irradiation with selectively evaluated radiation;
  • Measurement of the basic parameters determining the energy value of the solar radiation;

Initial audit report should contain:

  1. Introduction and summary
  2. Physic and technical prerequisites, principles and measuring devices for the differential solar-energy audit; the results from the selective measurements of the solar radiation. Basic parameters determining the energy value of the solar radiation, including:
    1. Total solar radiation for inclines (15, 25 and 40°) for the region of Bulgaria the suitable is 32°, horizontal and vertical surfaces.
    2. Ratio: defuse/general solar radiation
    3. Climate parameters - temperature of air and wind speed
  3. Optimal azimuthal orientation and zenith incline of the solar-receiving surfaces
  4. Correlation principle for evaluation of the general and selective results. Analysis and comparison of the data for photovoltaic solar radiation of general and electrical importance;
  5. Conventional and new effective photovoltaic technologies for building photovoltaic electricity power stations on the terrains;
  6. Conclusions and recommendations

The following stages are predominantly more expensive and are done after expert conclusion regarding the energy potential of the place, making decisions for investment and signing papers for starting the project.

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